There are few changes that we've made to our old rewarding system and we'd like to outline the new rules to you.

Upvoters get a piece of the reward, too 

We have a new reward distribution in place. Now, even the upvoters get rewarded. Commenters still get the majority of the reward (65%) but the rest (35%) goes to the upvoters for upvoting the comment that makes it to the top half.

Hiding the upvotes

Because of the above rule we’re also hiding the upvotes from you. Though you can see them once the task expires.

Limited amount of upvotes per Task

We limited the amount of upvotes per task because we want you to upvote the comments with good quality and that you agree with.
And before the task expires you also get a 24 hour window to read all the comments and cast your final votes (or change them accordingly).

Reminder about our Moderation

If you upvote a comment that’s reported as Spam or comment that should not be rewarded (eg. “Good job” comments) you will lose your right to be rewarded for this task.

Top 50% Comments get bigger reward

We want to reward the best answers and people who help identifying them. Therefore the comments that make it to the Top 50% - and therefore people who commented and upvoted those comments -  receive a bigger reward. Where does the bigger reward come from? It’s simple. Half of the reward from bottom 50% goes 


Here's a recap and an example with numbers: 

Top 1/2

  • Upvoters get 35 % of the reward.
  • 65 % goes to the commentors.
  • Half of the reward is gained from bottom 1/2.

Bottom 1/2

  • Upvoters get nothing
  • 1/2 of the reward pool for this segmentis distributed among top 1/2

An example:
There is a task with 1000 Reward.

Let’s assume Top 1/2 recevies 70% of all upvotes.Bottom gets 30 %. But because half of the reward goes to Top 1/2 that makes the final numbers more like    

  • Top 1/2 gets 85% (55.25% for commentors, 29,75% for upvoters) and bottom gets 15 % of the final reward.

If there’s 100 upvotes:1 upvote that upvotes a comment in Top is worth around 12 Yups (circa 8 goes to commentor, 4 goes to upvoter)1 upvote that upvotes a comment in Bottom is worth 5 (All goes to commentor).

We hope you like this new system and it brings you lots of fruitful discussions and
reward you fairly.

If you have any questions left don't hesitate to contact us, for example via the Intercom Chat Bubble at the bottom right.

All the best,

Your Crowdholding Team

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