Advance innovation need occur when a business wants to change its current situation in a positive way. In most cases, business doesn’t know where to start the change and doesn’t define the problem yet. In advance innovation tasks, the crowd help businesses to detect the problematic areas, lists the causes and offer some solutions to contribute ultimate development need.


Companies may need crowd participation for the whole innovation processes including:

  1. Strategy setting
  2. Problem identification
  3. Discovering the causes of problems
  4. Generating solutions for the causes
  5. Combining those solutions as a robust solution delivers solutions for all partial problems
  6. Evaluation of costs, risks and expenses for solutions.

Advance innovation tasks can include some stimulating questions such as “Which new technology would help us to increase our sales in one day?” and “How might we run our business without any staff?” or ““How might we generate an income while giving away our products free?”. In order to have reasonable answer, business can also emphasis on the requirement of detailed evaluation in terms of problem identification, cost and benefit from users.

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