Although we are testing and plan to improve our rewarding system, currently rewards go out depending on the ranking of your upvotes. Our reward equation is the following:

Reward amount / total task votes = reward per vote

Here's an example: 

Let's say the task reward is 1000 YUPs as displayed from the screenshot below.

And let’s pretend only two people made a comment after the task expired, and will call the two people Susan and Bob.

Bob received 6 votes

Susan received 4 votes

Total: 10 total task votes

Thus the reward amount (1000) divided by total task votes (10) = 100 YUPs per vote.  

Once the task expires:

Bob receives: 600 YUPs

Susan receives: 400 YUPs

So there you go. Reward is calculated by the number of votes you receive. 

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