The meaning of task

According to Collins English Dictionary, a task is an activity or piece of work which you have to do, usually as part of a larger project. On the Crowdholding platform, the meaning of task is similar. It is a piece of work which the business crowdsource to the community to complete it with token reward.

Innovation labors, a new work force

It is obvious that a business can not crowdsource everything on Crowdholding. For example, you can not crowdsource your printer repairing work on our platform, but you can publish a task to ask "how to repair a printer?" 

Internet is a communication technology. Crowdholding utilises this technology by gathering the best minds around the world as Open Innovation consultants for businesses, especially for SMEs. Crowdholders as our users are the external innovation labor of a business. They are a newly specialised work force.

What can they do?

However, what can these innovation labor do to benefit a business?

We have an extreme diversified user base. They are investors, teachers, programmers, engineers, entrepreneurs, professors, university students and many other talented people.

They can validate your idea, concept, decision and policy. They can provide advise and solution to your problem. They can help you to identify your developmental need. They can help your product to find market-fit.

Utilising the external innovation labor

A task is a way for a business to utilise this external innovation labor, in order to produce added value into its product.

Before creating the content of a task, you should define your development need first.

You can brainstorm with your team to define your development need, or simply publish a general feedback task to describe your business, and to see how Crowdholders will react to it.

Both will help you to come up a policy research question. Before you implement a policy for fulfilling your development needs, you should create a policy research question to validate your decision. You can validate your policy decision by publish a task regarding your policy research question.

If Crowdholders validated your policy decision, then you can assemble a team for your new work plan for fulfilling your development need.

If Crowdholders pointed out problems of your policy decision, then you may need to work on your ideas to solve problems.

Save time and money

Task is a way to identify your development need, and it is a way to validate your ideas, decisions and policies. You do not have to spend extra time or money for consultants, or conducting a marketing research. You can validate your idea here before you implement them as your action plan.

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