ADVISE : Before publishing any assignment task, you should inform the Crowdholding Service Team. 

Only the Crowdholding Service Team can enable the function: “only admin can vote” for ensuring the project admin is the only one evaluating Crowdholders’ comments before distributing tokens accordingly.


Assignment task is a way to crowdsource assignments. An assignment task can be a market assistance on Facebook or Twitter Campaign, multi-language translating, or an assignment for graphic design.

Assignments are at the late stage of a problem. It has both clear objective and instructions for Crowdholders to complete the task.

The title should state the purpose or objective of the assignment. The description should have a structured instruction for complete the assignment, certain obligatory rules, as well as a method of evaluating or awarding the results.


  1. SPECIAL TWITTER BOUNTY [GRAY] VoxelX - 50m token reward
  2. ICO Bounty: Facebook Campaign Marketing Assistance

WARNING: You are responsible for designing the bounty campaign task, and reviewing & verifying users' submissions. Crowdholding only provides a technology which allows the bounty host to distribute fixed amount of tokens evenly to selected candidates. 

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