Be nice

Be polite! Remember you’re talking to other people, so try to behave as you would in person. Bullying or trolling will not be tolerated. It’s perfectly okay to disagree with people, but remain civil when doing so.

Be constructive

Criticism is awesome, but make sure you aim to be constructive. Don’t simply tell someone their idea or project is bad, but try to suggest exactly why it’s bad, and how it can be improved.

Be original

Probably one of the worst things you can do is copy other people’s content. Write your own ideas and opinions, and you will be welcomed as a member of the community. Copy other people and you will be removed from the system.

Be honest

Vote on comments you believe are constructive towards the needs of the task. If you simply upvote friends to get them more rewards, you will be removed from the website. Pushing your own comments inorganically by using ghost accounts is not allowed.

Don’t break the law

Hopefully obvious, but it must be said. Take a moment to review the terms & conditions of using Crowdholding. Also make sure you do not break any of your local laws by using Crowdholding.

Don't spam

Writing nonsensical messages, or advertising services outside the requirements of the task is considered spam.

Low effort comments like, “Great project!” can also be considered spam, if someone is obviously putting no effort in to contribute, but hoping that by merely adding a comment they will somehow be rewarded, this is counterproductive.

Respect people’s privacy

Never post private information about other people without their permission.

Use English (bad English is fine!)

Right now all the projects we are hosting are in English. While we're really excited to expand to a more global community in the future, for now we at least need to keep discussion in a language we can understand ourselves!

Any activity which violates the code of conduct may be given a warning or removed from Crowdholding entirely

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