After you published your task, Crowdholders will start to comment on your task. Their comments can be helpful and positive, and they can also be negative.

Analysis comments 

When you receive a comment, you should reflect on it. Please read it fully, and try to understand it. If it is necessary, you may need to take a note.

Then you have to evaluate the comments with relative team members. You and your team must decide whether this is a useful comment or not. 

“Does it point out an actual problem which your business is facing?”
“Does it encourage certain positive actions which you were not aware of before?”

After the evaluation, if you and your team decided that it is a useful comment, then you and your team should devise a work plan according to it.

How to react to useful comments?

At the end, you should interact with Crowdholders who have provided useful feedback. You may address what changes you will make according to their feedback, as well as leaving a comment of gratitude, for example “Your feedback has been very useful!  Thank you for your time. We appreciate it!”

How to deal with negative comments?

A negative comment refers to a comment which contains mostly criticism. For receiving such feedback, you should avoid negative reactions, such as getting defensive, feeling obligated to counter the argument, dismissing the feedback or feeling helpless.

If the negative comment is a personal attack or it uses inappropriate vocabularies, then you should report the comment. After reporting, the Service Team will review it, and will decide whether to remove it or not.

The example below shows that a comment had been removed after reporting. You can find the "Report" button at each comment.

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