The creation of a Rorschach's question task was inspired by the most frequently asked question in a Rorschach test, "what do you see from this (image)?".

A Rorschach's question task is designed for new projects or a project which has recently changed their logos, videos or other parts of its public images

The aim of this task is to validate your brand design efforts through testing your brand merely based on first impression of the public.

For example, a Rorschach's question task can help you to understand that "how does the public perceive your brand?", or "what they are relating with, once they see your brand?"

What can I ask?

Since your project is new, or you have rebranded your project recently, you can ask people's first impression of your logo, banner, introduction video, and webpage colours. You can even ask people's impression about your project's name.

Make sure in the task, that you emphasise, that you are asking their first impression, and they should not research your project before answering. Researching your project may produce less accurate results.


  1. Check out our new landing page and give feedback!
  2. What does the name stand for?
  3. What do you think of the video & the description?

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