A Feedback is the prepared information given by the Crowdholder to you about your project. A general feedback task asks their reasoned opinions and judgments about your project. It aims to validate your project's solution through the creation of Proof-of-Concept.

There are 2 types of feedback, motivational feedback and developmental feedback.

  1. Motivational feedback often received from Crowdholders who recognize your team’s effort, such as confirming your ideas, supporting your plans. They encourage your business, because they consider your project is promising and beneficial.
  2. Developmental feedback often received from Crowdholders who realise problems, difficulties or challenges which your project may face. They often suggest improvements or developmental actions into your business.

Both types of feedback can give your business valuable information which can update you on your business performance or progress, identify your development needs, as well as, facilitate planning the development.

The title

The title can be in the form of an open-ended question. It helps you to gain more accurate opinions about your project from the community. 

For example, “what are your thoughts about our solution for (the problem you intent to solve)?”, or “what do you think about our idea?”.

The title also can be your objective statement. It should claim that your project aims to improve the industry or the customer satisfaction .

For example, "Introduce XXX, a new approach to YYY industry." or "XXX project, new model of YYY industry."

The description

The description should have the following structure:

Section 1. Introduce yourself and your project

Section 2. Problem statement

Section 3. Solution

At the end, you should show your honesty for receiving effective feedback. For example, “We’d love to get your feedback. Thank you for your time. We appreciate it!” 

You can also leave your community social media links.


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