You can publish 3 types of task, a Task, a News article, or a discussion. Tasks are intended to generate active community interaction with a token / YUP incentive. Discussions are simply tasks without a reward. News articles are for announcements about the project.

You can only edit your task within 24 hours after you posting. So please manage your content carefully.

Here are the steps for publishing a task.

  1. Click your profile button on the Crowdholding homepage. (Your user name is written on the button)
  2. Click "Account".
  3. Click the "My Projects" tab on the profile page.
  4. Choose and click the project which you want to publish a task to.
  5. Click the "+ Add new task" button on the project page.
  6. Fill in the given form (type, title, image, description, difficulty or YUP reward amount, task duration, tips availability and customised token reward amount)
  7. Click the "Submit task" button to publish your task.

Structure of a task

A task consists five major contents, a title, a description, a fixed amount of reward, a time duration and an image.

  1. A title is often a short sentence which shows key points and the major objective of the task. It is usually in a form of a question. 
  2. A description is the extension of the title. It describes the task through text and hyperlinks. 
  3. A reward is also used to measure the difficulty, and it is measured in YUP. Assign a reward based on how hard your task is. A minimum of 800 YUP goes with each task. If you have submitted your customised token when launching the project, you can also assign the customised token to your tasks.
  4. A time duration determines how long the task will be available, it can be from one day to two months.
  5. An image can be a photo, or an infographic. It should correspond with the topic of the task. A well chosen image can help to explain the task.
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