When you are launching a project in Crowdholding, you are required to provide one sentence introduction of your project and one or more paragraphs project description. Once your project is being officially launched, the project description will be publicly available on your project page. 

A well-written project description will help Crowdholders to understand the concept and context of your project, and to decide whether to co-create and to innovate with your team or not.

Project description is a formally written declaration of the project. It should include the goals and objectives to be reached, the problem to be solved, approaches and execution methods to solve the problem, people and organizations involved and other relevant information that explains the need for the project.

The structure of a well-written project description includes:

Section 1. Project Overview. 

Section 2. Objective Statement.

Section 3. Customer Benefits.

Section 4. Website and Social Media Hyperlinks.

Make sure that the project description is Clear, Concise, Complete and Credible.

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