Crowdholding platform enables crowdholders directly communicate with businesses by giving feedback to tasks. Reward comes in cryptocurrencies based on the number of the votes which the comment received. 

How does it work?

A task's amount of reward depends on the level of difficulties: easy task (800 YUP - 5,000 YUP), medium task (5,000 YUP - 10,000 YUP) and hard task (10,000 YUP - 15,000 YUP).

For example: Crowdholding posts a task with the question: Which User Archetype are you?

This task is a easy task with 800 YUP.

Crowdholders should comment feedback according to their competences, skills, knowledge, research and so forth.

Best answer will get most votes from the community, hence the contributor will obtain the most reward.

After the task expires, the reward will be distributed according the number of votes which the contributor received.

In the example, there are 51 votes with total 800 YUP reward. One vote worth (800 / 51) YUP, which is around 15.8 YUP per vote. If a comment received 7 votes, then the contributor of the comment receives (15.7 * 8) YUP, which is around 125.6 YUP.

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